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Dear Conference Participants.:

The registration website at the “online shop” is now open.

Deadline for registration is April 14th, 2017.

If a participant is not registered by the deadline, then the participant may be dropped from the conference programme when it is finalised.

Read the following below carefully before proceeding to the link at the bottom of this e-mail:

The word “delegate” on the registration website simply means “person who is attending the conference”. All delegates are people paying to attend the conference and each delegate, as an attendee (whether presenting or not) will  get tea, coffee, as part of their registration.

Please note that “full registration” refers to all three days. “Day Options” refer to those who cannot attend all three days.  Also note that the prices of registration, for all three days and “Day Options” vary depending upon three different categories: “Non-Presenter Delegate”; “Standard Presenter Delegate”; and “Student Presenter Delegate”. Most will choose the “Standard Presenter Delegate” option and most will choose “full registration”.

***Read about the options carefully before you register***, especially in the sections labelled “Registration” and “Package” on the registration website.

There are many options, mainly because many people wish to share accommodation and/or may be accompanied by another person.  The most important consideration, before you start to register, is to know whether or not you will be sharing accommodation.  You must know the following in order for the registration process to be easy. Have the answers in mind during the on-line registration process. We wanted to provide flexibility, but that means you will need to navigate the options carefully!

(Question 1): Did you indicate (per Ted Bergman’s request) earlier this year that you wanted discounted accommodation?  The number of rooms available through the website is based on the responses we received, and the prices on the website are the discounted rate, meant for those people who responded.  If you have changed your mind, and now want discount accommodation, contact me, Ted Bergman ( before continuing to order accommodation through the website.

(Question #2): If you specified already to Ted Bergman that you wanted discounted accommodation, will you be sharing this discounted accommodation with someone else?

If the answer to #2 is “Yes”, then select the “Double Delegate Accommodation” option during the registration process, regardless of what type of “delegate” (“Standard Presenter”, “Student Presenter”, or “Non-presenter”) you are.

If the answer to #2 is “No”, then select the “Single Delegate Accommodation” option during the registration process.

(Question #3) If you answered “Yes” to #2 above, will you be sharing this discounted accommodation with somebody who will be attending the conference and will need coffee, tea, and lunch?

If the answer to #3 is “Yes”, then the easiest thing to do is select the “add delegate” option after you select the “Double Delegate Accommodation” option.  That means that you and the person you are with will pay for everything (accommodation,  registration, dinner option) in a single order. If you and the other person want to pay separately for everything except accommodation, then proceed without the “add delegate” option.  If you and your accommodation partner want to pay for registration (everything except accommodation) separately, then your accommodation partner will have to login separately, create a separate account, and pay for registration (no accommodation) only.

If the answer to #3 above is “No”, then select the “add guest” option after you select the “Double Delegate Accomodation” option. There is a fee for this extra person for accommodation only. Somebody designated as a “guest” will share accommodation in a double room, which includes breakfast, but will not be able to attend the conference, nor have the tea, coffee, and lunch that goes with it.

In short, “add delegate” means adding somebody who will be at the conference, while “add guest” is for people sharing accommodation but not attending the conference.

Do not hesitate to contact me, Ted Bergman ( if you have any questions about the registration process.

Remember that that the deadline to register is April 14th, 2017.

The link to the registration website is:

In the following weeks, more details on the conference, including programme and information on travel from Edinburgh to St Andrews, will be posted on the conference website.

Best wishes from the conference organisers,

Ted Bergman

María Luisa Lobato






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